MELT: Halloween at Madame Tussauds

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The team that screams together stays together - it's a proven fact!


Have you ever wondered about who or what lurks Madame Tussauds’ halls when the lights go out at night? Find out with our immersive horror tours this Halloween.


Have you ever heard of the myth of ‘The Artist’, the Madame Tussauds serial killer?


This is Team Building with a twist, working together and sharing strengths and supporting each other’s weaknesses, teams can overcome fears together when as individuals they may not have. Your team’s one and only goal is to avoid anyone becoming the next victim. Get caught, and join the others as you haunt the shadows forever as the killer’s half alive, half melted trophy. This Halloween, Madame Tussauds Sydney and the Hunted Experience presents MELT!


Melt Desk


You will be given instructions and puzzles to solve as a team along the way. Be prepared for jump scares, gory figures and more! In your team, you must listen very carefully to the messages given and work together to make it out alive. You will have to make some sacrifices, but it may be the only way you can outsmart The Artist!


You & your team will need to work together to make it out alive. And if you survive to tell the tale, celebrate with drinks afterwards.

This is team building not for the faint of heart, through overcoming some of their biggest fears together, a special type of team bonding takes place.


Event Information:


  • Tours start from 7pm and run for 45 minutes. The last tour will be 10:30pm
  • Dates: October 31, November 1 & November 2
  • 10 people per session
  • This is an 18+ only event (ID must be provided at the door)
  • Standard Tickets: $50 per person
  • Corporate Team Packages available - information below




Corporate Team Packages:

Corporate Team Packages start from $100 per person & include:


  • Self-Guided Tour, including instructions annd puzzles to solve along the way. (approx 45 minutes)
  • 45 Minute Reserved area for your team after the experience
  • Standard Beverage Package (House Red, White & Sparkling Wines,  House Beers, Soft Drinks & Juice)
  • Grazing Platters (Selection of cheese, meats, dips, olives, bread & crackers)

Book your corporate package today and test your fate!


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