Team Building Activity: Yoga From the Sky

| Merlin Events NSW Team
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It’s hard to accommodate a diverse range of people’s interests when it comes to Team Building activities. There are typical group activities such as laser tag and bowling, but if you and your team are looking for something a little more enriching with added health benefits book in your Team Building Yoga at the Sydney Tower Eye, one of Sydney's most unique venues!


An exercise for your body, mind and soul


Day after day, we spend hours staring at screens leaving us with tired eyes. Sydney Tower Eye’s 360 degree views of the city will delight and provide the most unique backdrop for yoga. At 7:30am, the sun is has risen casting a gentle glow on the edges of the city. Gaze upon the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge as you step into the Warrior I pose. Bring your other leg forward and bend to the ground in the Uttanasana pose. Breathe in and enjoy the quiet of the morning as you step back into the Downward Facing Dog pose.


The highlight of this Team Building activity is the sense of peace shared by you and your colleagues in these calming, healthy stretches and poses. Feel stress from everyday life release with every position you stretch into.


Greet the day with a smile on your face


With Yoga from the Sky, you and your team will experience exclusive access to the Sydney Tower Eye’s Observation Deck, which enhances the team experience with no interruptions from the general public. Enjoy a full session of yoga and herbal tea or water on colourful yoga mats provided thoughtfully for your comfort. Contact the Merlin Events NSW team now to secure your Yoga from the Sky Team Building event at Sydney Tower Eye. Details for contacting our friendly team are below.      


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