The Perfect Underwater Themed Wedding Venue!

| Merlin Events NSW Team
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Weddings are supposedly the most magical day of a woman’s life. As little girls, they spend afternoons daydreaming about their wedding day. There’s the dress, the location, the theme and colour scheme, the food, the wedding cake, the bouquet and the amount of bridesmaids. And of course the groom who would be simply decked out in attire that would perfectly match the theming.


Most girls would focus on the location as the rest would generally fall into place quite easily. Traditional church weddings called for a simple floral and white theme. Weddings in a park conjured up visions of beautiful rustic wood, flowers and mason jars. Then of course, there was the effortless beachside wedding. But this was so often deemed a dangerous move as the weather could be unpredictable and ruin the whole day.


Ever wanted to get married underwater?


Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean literally getting married underwater in heavy diving gear with fish and sharks circling you. Although, there have been underwater proposals in the beautiful function space at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, which is also an option for couples wanting to get engaged. There is a better option that keeps the couple and guests dry and beautiful but still provides for beautiful photos and happy memories.  


Exchange your vows in front of loved ones with the beautiful floor-to-ceiling Reef Theatre as your backdrop. Or hold your wedding reception there and enjoy the company of sharks and fish as you celebrate the joyous union. The immersive glass chamber of the Great Barrier Reef and the glass tunnels of Dugong Island perfect for a stunning wedding photoshoot.


Not only is SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium an amazing location to hold your wedding, the events are managed by event specialists dedicated to seeing an event through from conception to the end of the day or night. Let the Merlin Events NSW Team take the stress out of planning your wedding day for you. Get in touch with the team now using the details below to plan out your special day!  


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