A Private Dinner For You, Your Boo and a Kangaroo (Or Wallaby)

| Merlin Events NSW Team
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Looking for the most romantic dinner venue in Sydney?


Uluru, one of Australia’s most famous landmarks provides for the perfect couple getaway. You can take a break from your phone for a bit. The air is fresher. And who wouldn’t want to dine with some kangaroos and other native Australian animals? The only issue really with this picture is that, a trip to Uluru tends to set you back a couple thousand dollars and could effectively be the same or more than a trip to South-East Asia. Then there’s the time factor. Travelling to Uluru requires a long weekend or a little time taken off work. Often that’s why many Australians tend to not travel to Uluru as often as tourists do.


It can be tiring coming up with new date ideas in the city. You could do adventurous dates such as getaways in the Blue Mountains or in the Southern Highlands, but that would most definitely be more a whole weekend option. Maybe you and your partner have busy schedules and can’t match up an entire weekend. But you’ve been to all those fine dining restaurants in Sydney and you’ve done the quirky bars. Sometimes you just want something different. And maybe somewhere outdoors. The nights are getting warmer and it’s nice to relax in an alfresco setting. But you still need somewhere convenient and not too far out.  


Want an outback experience in the heart of the city?


Now offering a private dinner option, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo presents a dining experience like no other in Sydney. Enjoy the privacy of the whole attraction as you sit in the open-air Kangaroo Walk-About. To the side, try to spot the adorable Agile wallabies or the Eastern Grey kangaroos nibbling on some fresh hay. Colourful lorikeets and princess parrots will glide over your heads. Best of all, on a Saturday night, the Darling Harbour fireworks can be spotted.


The Merlin Events Team strives to create a romantic private dinner that is sure to please you and your partner. If you have any special requests or would like to find out more about your private dinner at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, please contact the team using the information below.


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