Top 3 Trends For Events in 2016

| Merlin Events NSW Team
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Every year events are transformed with the introduction of new and exciting technology that alter our preconceived ideas of the event experience. In the past, we have been excited by funky, themed props and photo booths. It’s standard to have an event photographer who roams around taking the best group shots. We EXPECT freebies and sponsored material to make their way into our eager hands. But what is hot for 2016? 


1. Mobile phone apps


The rise of mobile usage over desktop usage has increasingly prompted tech companies to focus on developing apps that are relevant and can boost consumer engagement at the event. GPS enabled apps have proved their popularity time and time again. The new Pokémon Go app is one such example that has completely opened up a new channel for companies to reach out to customers. In a networking event, incorporating a high-profile app such as Pokémon Go can bring guest engagement to incredible levels by bringing a large group of likeminded people together with a common purpose. It can also enhance the user’s experience of the event, which can lead to genuine word-of-mouth marketing.


2. Virtual Reality


Virtual reality technology has become consumer ready, which will shift the event space and completely transform the way a guest experiences and interacts with their surroundings. The technology will add a new dimension to sharing feelings and information about the event, demonstrating all this through 360 degree views with their social network.


3. Events as experiences – location…location…location!


With so many popular venue spaces touting a chill, casual vibe or amazing harbour views, where do you go to host an event that will be more like an experience? Organisations struggle to entice guests to come to their events, because they cannot comprehend that the location plays such an incredible role in a guest’s experience. This is mainly because most venue spaces are static areas with the sole purpose of being a function space. Sure, there are bars with unusual theming that can add to the ambience of an event, but what can really make an experience is a location that is already designed to be an experience. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is one such location designed to enthral and amaze kids, families and young adult couples with its stunning undersea displays. As a venue space, it immerses guests in an underwater world that no technology can compete with.


The Merlin Events NSW team can accommodate mostly every request in regards to your event including the aforementioned trends. Ask and we shall strive to incorporate any unique element you need to make your event the hottest topic among friends, family and colleagues! To enquire about your next event or to find out more information about SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium as an event space, please get in touch with us using the contact information below.


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