6 Furry Reasons You Should Book Your Christmas Dinner at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

| Merlin Events NSW Team
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1. Davey the quokka told you to



2. Dot and Matilda the Kangaroo Island joeys will be upset if you don’t

Dot and matilda


3. Sammy the koala wants you to meet her newest joey



4. Ringo the wombat thinks it'll be a laugh


5. Bub and Topsy the Tasmanian devils will fight if you don’t

Bub and topsy


6. Titch the Sugar glider wants to beat you in a staring competition!

Titch sugar glider


WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo’s Koala Rooftop provides a stunning open air backdrop for you to enjoy with family, friends or colleagues at your work Christmas party. Sit back and enjoy an exquisite catered meal with our colony of koalas. To find out more about Christmas parties at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, please contact us using the below details.


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Call: (02) 9333 9245