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| Merlin Events NSW Team
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Little Creatures

It’s International Beer Day and we would like to dedicate this news story to a celebration of our favourite Aussie beer. Little Creatures Pale Ale. We broke down the flavours and feelings evoked by enjoying this particular beer in WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.



Soft and silky, like stroking our Kangaroo Island kangaroo joeys’ fur. This pale ale is a delight to a parched throat.


KI joeys



A colourful explosion on your taste buds hints of a fruit salad. Look around you and notice the princess parrots also love to nibble on apples, strawberries and watermelon.


Princess Parrot



The tangy fragrance of fresh flowers wafts into your nose as you wander around our Koala Rooftop holding your cold glass.


WLSZ Koala Rooftop



We believe a slight bitterness adds character and depth to our beer. Not unlike our Eastern-Grey kangaroos and Agile wallabies whom all have varying characteristics.


Eastern Grey Kangaroo


Little Creatures Pale Ale is one of many alcoholic beverages we offer in our event packages. WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is the perfect venue to enjoy cocktails and canapes with your colleagues or to experience a private dinner with our colony of koalas. To find out more about hosting your next big event at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, please enquire with our incredible Merlin Events NSW team by using our contact information below.


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